Panmorphia Morphs onto Windows, Mac and Linux
Panmorphia Morphs onto Windows, Mac and Linux
Previously on iOS and Android, the point-and-click Myst-like adventure is now available on PC
Posted: 02/04/16 | Category: News | Platform: Ios, Windows, Mac, Android

From indie developer LKMAD, Panmorphia is a family-friendly adventure in which players are summoned to the land of Panmorphia, where they have the power to wield each of the Aristotelian elements and transform themselves into the animal that best represents it. Become a cat for the Earth element, a bird for the Wind element, a fish for the Water element and back into human form for the Fire element. Each transformation affects your point of view of Panmorphia and will even turns day into night.

Discover a beautiful world with many items to collect and puzzles to solve. A dynamic map and notebook will track your progress, and a hint system is available along with Easy Mode for players who prefer a more casual gaming experience.

Demos have been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, and are available at the bottom of this page.

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