Between Me and The Night Early Access V2.0 Update Released
Between Me and The Night Early Access V2.0 Update Released
Incorporates major changes including more features and significant graphical enhancements; player-reported bugs have also been addressed
Posted: 11/12/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac

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Between Me and The Night, a surreal action-adventure game from Kiss Ltd, Lace Games and RainDance LX, will lead you down a thin path between sanity and madness. Play a young boy who lives in a very peculiar house. Solve puzzles to reveal new places, overcome the shadows of the night and discover the strange world that lies beyond the house's walls.

Adam Lacey, Managing Director, Lace Games Ltd: Our latest update now allows players to play the game from beginning to end. It includes new features, delivers significant graphical enhancements and fixes a whole series of player reported bugs, which we think significantly improves the game and provides an all 'round better gameplay experience.  

Between Me and The Night is available on PC/Windows and Mac. For more information, visit the  Early Access page where the game is discounted 20% until November 16th.

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