The Dwarf Run Sprints Over to Steam
The Dwarf Run Sprints Over to Steam
From solo developer Alexander Mirdzveli comes a turn-based mixture of humorous adventuring and classic RPG gameplay
Posted: 10/24/15 | Category: News | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Arachnophobe alert: There's at least one big spider in this game. It's pink. Screenshot below.

The Dwarf Run combines classic RPG mixed with point-and-click adventuring that includes inventory-based puzzles. 

With three companions, go on an expedition to an underworld temple where you'll encounter strange beings, join a rebellion, investigate conspiracies, defeat demons, become arena champions and travel into space. How's that for getting around?

The game, which features a linear story, offers approximately 15 hours of gameplay per adventure. Players may choose cinematic, top-down or 3rd-person POV. There are 100 enemy types, 140 unique items and many twists and turns.

The Dwarf Run is available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam. The game is discounted 15% until October 28th.

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