Star Sky is Now Available on Steam
Star Sky is Now Available on Steam
This metative platform game from developer Mårten Jonsson (Meadowland) offers a varied, soothing experience
Posted: 10/23/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Star Sky is Released on Wii U - September 11, 2015

Rather than offering intense gameplay, Star Sky is a slow-paced, relaxing, ambient experience that yields a soothing atmosphere. As such, it's not for everyone.

Think of it as an interactive poem with several endings in which you explore different scenarios. It's meant to be a peaceful experience.

Take a midnight stroll -- on the same road each time -- and unlock different encounters, choices and secrets. Let yourself feel the game.

Star Sky is now available on Steam for PC/Windows, Mac and Linux. Buy the game for $3.39 (15% off) until October 30th.

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