Star Sky is Released on Wii U
Star Sky is Released on Wii U
Discover the world beneath the surface in this meditative platformer from Mårten Jonsson
Posted: 09/11/15 | Category: News | Platform: Android, Ios, Wii u, Windows

Star Sky, from developer Mårten Jonsson, is the experience of a man taking a midnight stroll and exploring different choices. It's not for everyone.

Take the same road each time and unlock new encounters and secrets. Make choices and watch what happens.

Star Sky is not a game you play for hours on end. It moves at a slow pace and is meant to be a relaxing and ambient experience focusing on creating a soothing atmosphere rather than intense gameplay. Take your time and allow yourself to feel the game as you play it.

Stick with it and you'll be given many interesting things on which to reflect. Can you unlock the mysteries of the night?

Previously released on PC/Windows, iOS and Android, Star Sky is now available on Wii U  

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