Armikrog Release Date is Pushed Back to September 30th
Armikrog Release Date is Pushed Back to September 30th
Developer cites critical bugs and tech issues as reasons for delay
Posted: 09/09/15 | Category: News | Platform: Linux, Other, Windows, Mac
From developer Pencil Test Studios
September 7, 2015
Hey Everyone--
The Armikrog team has been working around the clock (literally) to get the game polished for release. Our goal is to give you a great game--unfortunately over these past few days we've encountered a few bugs that are going force us to push back the release date. We understand that we've pushed the date back before, and here we are doing it again--but a short term delay in order to give you a great game is better than giving you a frustrating broken version tomorrow.
Over the past 7 days we've had some new technical issues pop up. Specifically some critical bugs called 'progression stoppers,' where users couldn’t get past certain points in the game. While these bugs continue to be fixable, they just aren't issues that we can ship with. Even this morning the Quality Assurance team kicked back a build due to an early critical bug. Yes, everyone is working through the Labor Day weekend, including our pals in Q.A.
We're confident that all of these issues are fixable. We just need a little more time, so we're pushing the release date back to September 30th.
Hang in there with us -- we know everyone is excited to play Armikrog, and we're excited to see you all play it!
Thanks for all of your support!
--Ed and the Pencil Test Studios Team
And there you have it. Armikrog will now be released September 30th on Steam for PC/Windows, Mac and SteamOS + Linux.
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