Glitchspace Alpha 2.0 Arrives on Early Access
Glitchspace Alpha 2.0 Arrives on Early Access
The programming-based puzzler from indie studio Space Budgie Games has been completely rebuilt and includes Oculus Rift support (DK1 and DK2)
Posted: 09/04/15 | Category: News | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

In development for two years and having been completely rebuilt from the ground up during the past eight months, we're hoping Glitchspace isn't literally a space for glitches. That's a feeble attempt at humor.

Okay, getting serious now, Glitchspace is a puzzle game in which you progress by manipulating environmental geometry while solving puzzles and discovering key programming concepts. You actually reprogram the game's Mondrian1-inspired abstract cyberspace world by stretching, scaling, rotating, manipulating and creating to unlock its secrets.

Developer Ronan Quigley: Getting Glitchspace to this stage has seen over two years of countless iteration and experimentation for us, and was a huge creative and financial risk. But in doing so, the processes that we went through in developing this update have been instrumental in rediscovering the essence of our game and we’re looking forward to taking what we’ve learned from 2.0 into subsequent updates up until the game’s full release.

Glitchspace is to be released on PC/Windows, Mac and Linux in 2016. Early Access, including Oculus Rift Support (DK1 and DK2), is available on Steam.


1 Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) is a Dutch artist whose works, characterized by intersecting perpendicular lines and planes of primary colors, profoundly influenced the development of abstract art.  

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