Bounty Train for PC/Windows Arrives at Early Access
Bounty Train for PC/Windows Arrives at Early Access
The game, from Corbie Games/Daedalic Entertainment, is a mixture of train sim, economic management, RTS and RPG elements in a historical setting
Posted: 08/26/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Bounty Train, from Corbie Games and Daedalic Entertainment, brings back the "good old days" of steam railways, bandit attacks and cross-country rail journeys in a survival-railroad simulation unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in the dangerous world of America’s Wild West as you encounter famous historical events of the 1860s, and come up against some of the amazing inventions of this period.

As the son of a deceased railroad tycoon, you set out to fulfill his dream: an unbroken train line across the U.S. In the process, you'll be dealing with real-time bandit skirmishes; selling goods, managing resources, optimizing your train and keeping the line repaired.

You'll also be confronted with historical events, from the onset of the Civil War to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The outcome of such events will be determined by the player.

Bounty Train is currently available on Steam Early Access for PC/Windows. All aboard!

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