Into the Stars Flies into Early Access
Into the Stars Flies into Early Access
It's time to discover a planet suitable for human colonization
Posted: 07/10/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Into the Stars Will Launch Into Early Access on July 9th - July 4, 2015

Into the Stars is an immersive space adventure in which you seek a planet suitable for human habitation. Each choice you make will have an impact on your journey. Will you focus on combat or mining? Will you select a balanced crew or one that will best support what you set out to do? It's up to you.

After your journey begins, you'll discover various enhancements for your ship. Finding a proper combination, however, won't be easy.

The world of Into the Stars is massive and full of peril. You'll face unique opportunities and challenges. Using sound judgment will be critical to your survival.

The game, from developer Geek Beach/publisher Iceberg Interactive, is available now for PC via Early Access.

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