The Last Dogma Preaches Steam Release to Prospective Players
The Last Dogma Preaches Steam Release to Prospective Players
The dark comedy action-adventure from indie developer Sasha Darko will arrive tomorrow, June 30th
Posted: 06/29/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Other, Linux

Welcome to 1999, but not the one you remember. This one exists in an alternate reality, where the US is pursuing world domination and an Iranian dictator rules the UK.

You become ATF special agent Sebastian Arise. Your job is to track and eliminate local weapons dealers. But something goes wrong and you find yourself in the village of a cannibalistic cult, entwined in a web of intrigue.

According to developer Sasha Darko: "The game is a rebake  (Ed. note: yes, rebake) of Sacred Line Genesis, horror text adventure game for Sega Genesis which got an official cartridge release in February 2015.

"It's weird, it's short, it's rough around the edges. Recommended for fans of Killer7, Normality and Pathologic and people who prefer exploration over  action."

I understand that a "rebake" is a combination reboot-remake.

The Last Dogma will be available on Steam for Windows, Linux and Steam OS beginning tomorrow (June 30th). Happy rebaking. Wink

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