Kholat to Include the Singing Voice of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Kholat to Include the Singing Voice of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
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News: Kholat Gets New Release Date - March 27, 2015

Singer, actress and director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill series) will be lending her voice to several songs in Kholat, an upcoming horror-adventure from indie developer IMGN.PRO.

The game is based on true events collectively known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

In 1959, a group of experienced mountaineers sets off on an expedition in the northern Urals. But the team never reaches its goal, and all members of the group are later found dead under very mysterious circumstances. It's never been determined what happened.

Lukasz Kubiak, IMGN.PRO: "Mary Elizabeth McGlynn immediately came to our minds when we began the search for the voice that suits the specific mood of Kholat. She finally agreed to work with us, and the first takes in recording studio sounded great straight away.

"The satisfaction coming from this cooperation is also a personal thing for me - it's an amazing feeling to hear the voice of McGlynn in your own game, especially if you’re a devoted fan of the Silent Hill series."

Kholat will be released for PC and Mac on June 10, 2015.

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