Meet the Characters from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness
Meet the Characters from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness
Pre-order the game and you could win a trip to Iceland
Posted: 04/14/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

News: Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness Screens Released - April 4, 2015

Pre-order Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness (PC/Mac) from HeR Interactive and be entered to win two round trip coach tickets to Reykjavik, Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice that inspired the game! Details here.

Meet the Characters 

Soren Bergursson


Although Soren grew up ten miles from Skipbrot, he is considered an outsider and isn’t treated very well by his fellow residents. His vast education and knowledge of all things Icelandic aid in his running of the Culture Center and drive his fascination with local artifacts. He claims to be tired of hearing everyone talk about the treasure, but perhaps he’s secretly plotting to find the treasure himself?

Elísabet Grimursdóttir


A born and bred local, Elisabet helps Soren run the Ancestors’ Festival and controls access to the Heerlijkheid. Could her recent breakup with Magnus have inspired her to take revenge?

Magnus Kiljansson


Magnus is the captain working on the Heerlijkheid’s restoration. He was supposed to safely steer the ship into the town’s port to kick-off the Ancestors’ Festival, but when the ship arrived, it crashed into the harbor unmanned, with Magnus nowhere to be found. Is it possible Magnus located the treasure and abandoned ship? Or did something much more sinister cause his mysterious disappearance?

Dagny Silva


As the manager of the ship's restoration and a renouned treasure hunter, Dagny is furiouswuth her business partner Magnus for disappearing. She suspects he went looking for the gold, found it, and took off, leaving her behind to clean up the mess. Dagney hires Nancy to track Magnus down and bring him to justice. But could Dagny know something she's not letting on?

Gunnar Tonnisson


A grumpy old sailor who yearns for the “olden days,” Gunnar is not shy about voicing his concerns regarding the way the festival is being managed. He doesn’t care about treasure hunting, and claims the town’s traditions and history are what really matter. Could Gunnar be harboring a hidden agenda to disrupt the festival?

Phone Contacts

Ned Nickerson


Returning as a phone contact, Ned is always available to provide Nancy with any support or help she might need. Call him often and keep him up to speed on your adventures so that he can provide additional tips.

Alex Trang


Alex is a contact at the Rekyjavik Harbormaster’s control tower. She and Magnus communicate by radio whenever he is on board the Heerlijkheid. Could she have any insights to Magnus’ disappearance the day the ship crashed?

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