Wade Clark's Leadlight is Updated as Leadlight Gamma
Wade Clark's Leadlight is Updated as Leadlight Gamma
A new version of 2010's violent, 8-bit interactive fiction/survival horror/combat RPG has been released for modern platforms
Posted: 04/09/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, Ios

Take on the role of 15-year-old student Belinda Nettle. After you fall asleep in the school's library, you awaken within a nightmare.

Your classmates have been transformed. You're confronted by nameless terrors and encounter life-threatening traps and tricks. Will you survive this terror-filled night?

Leadlight Gamma is a mechanically faithful port of the original Leadlight, now enhanced with new features include dynamic automapping, unlockable extra content, behind-the-scenes tour mode and easter eggs, tutorial mode, original soundtrack, a built-in gallery of artwork from the original game and an accessibility mode for vision-impaired players

Wade Clark: "I released Leadlight in 2010 via the Interactive Fiction Competition, but I released it for a computer which came out in 1986, the 8/16-bit Apple IIGS. I did this because I grew up with the Apple II series of computers (they established Apple’s fortunes before there were Macintoshes and iDevices) and I’d always wanted to make a horror game for the Apple II. I just didn’t get around to it until the 2000s. The game is set in 2010 and draws heavily on the console survival horror game aesthetic, even though it’s a text adventure.

"Thanks to the existence of emulation software which can put a virtual Apple IIGS in anyone's web browser window, I was able to deliver the game to players who'd never even heard of an Apple II before. However, it was still a difficult proposition, and one of my main reasons for developing Leadlight Gamma was to make the original game accessible to a wider audience."

Leadlight Gamma, published by Wade Clark's Heiress Software, is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS. The game is recommended for players aged 15+ due to violence, gore, and cruel and disturbing scenes.

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