Solarix Gets a Release Date
Solarix Gets a Release Date
Developer Pulsetense Games will launch the PC version of this "psychological survival horror" game on April 30, 2015 and has released a new trailer to mark the occasion
Posted: 03/31/15 | Category: News | Developer: Pulsetense Games | Platform: Windows

Upcoming Release: Solarix Trailers, Screens, Info - July 17, 2014

After four years in development and months of beta testing, Solarix for PC is ready to be launched on April 30, 2015 on Steam.

Solarix producer Mark Gregory: "We have had fantastic feedback from testers over the past couple of months. Our main goal before announcing a release date was to make sure we’d taken all the excellent feedback onboard and addressed any issues before deciding on a final release date. We’re really excited to get Solarix into the hands of gamers, especially fans of the stealth genre, and we hope they will be pleased with what we’ve created."

Having been inspired by classic sci-fi movies, Solarix features "massively detailed open-ended levels encompassing both survival and stealth-gameplay styles." The game will take place on alien worlds as well as huge orbital space stations. Hidden terrors will await players wherever they go.

The game might look as though it's a "shooter," but it isn't. Players will have weapons, but ammo will be limited and other means of protection will be available.

"Our goal is to take the survival horror genre beyond simple staged 'jumpscares' and cheap thrills. With Solarix we will create a world that fills you with unease, insecurity and desperation."

An Xbox build of Solarix is being planned by Pulsetense for future release.

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