Goetia is 95% Funded!
Goetia is 95% Funded!
The campaign to raise $30,000, ending February 20th, has reached $28,255; let's give it a push so indie developer Sushee can move forward with this impressive point-and-click mystery adventure for Windows, Mac and Linux
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Goetia Kickstarter Video, Gamplay and Teaser Trailers, Demo, Info - February 4, 2015

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Goetia, from indie developer Sushee and publisher Ynnis Interactive, is in the home stretch leading to the game's Kickstarter goal of $30,000, needing only $1745 more to reach it. If you haven't yet backed Goetia, now is the time to do so!

Sushee has been hard at work creating goodies such as an Abigail's Grave figure and a Malphas figure for Collector's Editions of the game. There are also game demos to be had (Windows, Mac, Linux; French, English) over on Kickstarter

In Goetia, you are the ghost of Abigail Blackwood, brought back 40 years after her death to solve a mystery tied to fanatical experiments performed by her mad, perverted ancestors.

The game is unique in that rather than collect and carry inventory objects around (you're a ghost, after all), you must become the objects themselves. When not so occupied, you'll be able to pass through walls and ceilings, enabling discovery of mysterious hidden passages and such.

You'll have plenty to explore, including a 90-room mansion and five vast, diverse areas surrounding it.

I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to be able to walk through walls. All I ever do is get knots on my forehead. Goetia is poised to grant me my wish! (I've always wanted to fly around on a vacuum cleaner, too. I haven't tried that yet.)

The game also offers another interesting perk. You won't be able to die, as you're already dead. Bulletproof! Unbreakable! Hah!         

But right now, you need to go over to Kickstarter and explore your pockets for some cash money to donate. Remember, the campaign ends on February 20th. Now, go!

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