Deathtrap: Grab a Friend and Make Him/Her Your Enemy
Deathtrap: Grab a Friend and Make Him/Her Your Enemy
Neocore invites you to see PvP in action in Deathtrap Feature Guide III: Versus Mode
Posted: 01/28/15 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh

News: Get Ready to Ensnare Hordes of Nasties in Deathtrap Starting February 4th - January 15, 2015

Want to show your buddy what for? Lure him into Deathtrap and have your way with him in Versus Mode!

Treat your pal to vicious tricks, killing machines and rotating blades; splatter his blood all over the place.

Deathtrap is a tower-defense game with strong action RPG elements from Neocore Games. It will be released on Windows and Mac on February 4, 2015 and later, on Xbox One and PS4.

Don't get too comfortable. Prepare yourself.

You have one week.

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