Realm of the Turtle King is Headed Your Way
Realm of the Turtle King is Headed Your Way
This classic point-and-click episodic adventure, suitable for all ages, will be released by indie developer Mindbreaker Games in 2015.
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It's 1930, and Hero Neustadt has graduated from the University of Zürich with a degree in Anthropology.

Thirteen years earlier, Hero's adventurer grandfather had been lost on an expedition to find the centuries-old Turtle King (Tu’i Malila in Tongan), who is said to carry a map that leads to infinite wealth. Hero decides to embark on a new expedition in search of the mythical creature.

Hero summons the four remaining members of his grandfather's expedition and the five of them set out on a quest that will take them several islands within the kingdom of Tonga and the Cook Islands, ending at the Valley of the Giants.

Realm of the Turtle King, a point-and-click adventure by indie developer Mindbreaker Games,has five episodes planned for PC, Android, and iOS in 2015. Episode One, Ghosts of the Past, will be released free-of-charge.

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