Horror Game Decay - The Mare Announced by Daedalic
Horror Game Decay - The Mare Announced by Daedalic
This horror-adventure by indie developer Shining Gate Software will be released internationally on PC and Mac
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DecayThe Mare is a new psychological horror adventure from the creator of the successful Decay series.

Step into the shoes of Sam, who is an addict with a miserable life. Sam enters an institution called Reaching Dreams in an effort to kick his habit, but something goes terribly wrong. He becomes stuck in a nightmare that doesn't end.

DecayThe Mare pays homage to the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series as well as such horror adventures as Phantasmagoria, The 11th Hour and Gabriel Knight.
Fredrik Westlund, Creative Director of developer Shining Gate: We’re huge fans of all classic horror-adventure games, and are creating the Decay series to keep horror gaming alive. Thanks to our work with Daedalic Entertainment, we can complete Decay – The Mare now, and bring it to a wide audience of PC players, when Daedalic publishes the game on major digital download platforms, such as Steam.
Decay – The Mare will be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese in February 2015.

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