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A gaming freakazoid, Ray enjoys games on all platforms. Also loves board games, mind games, and all puzzles. Co-wrote the Entertainment Tonight trivia game and designed puzzles for two Law & Order PC games. Also a movie freak, bookworm, and travel bug. Thinks games of all kinds are a highly underappreciated force for social good, not to mention mental and psychological health.


Ray's favorite adventures include the "Broken Sword" and "Journeyman Project" franchises, "The Dark Eye," "The Feeble Files," "Sanitarium," "Limbo," "Machinarium," "Riven," "The Neverhood," and "Azrael's Tear." His favorite non-adventures include the "Thief," "Uncharted," and "Ratchet & Clank" franchises, all of the Bioware RPGs, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XII.


Ray writes about the movies for the Bryan/College Station Daily Eagle, which is the old-fashioned thing called a "newspaper." He's been on eight game shows. He's taught in seven countries and has visited twenty-one. His favorite classic movie star is Barbara Stanwyck and his favorite novel is "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving.

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  • Dreamcatcher's Beyond Time is a lovely first-person game that allows you to travel to ancient Egypt, Tikal, Tibet, and (where else?) Atlantis. It's a perfect way to spend a few hours of pleasant deja vu.
    Note: Review was first posted October 12, 1999 Release Date: March 1998 One of the nice things abou
    11/05/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Y2K is quite short, but I had a good time playing it. If there had been more to it, I would have given it a higher grade
     Note: Review was originally posted June 17, 1999 Here's a nifty little gumdrop of a game. It
    10/29/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • The Adventure Continues, got me to thinking about the company's first two outings with their proprietary "Video Reality" engine. Yep, I want to get you even more depressed.
    Note: Review originally posted July 9, 1997  The recent and very distressing news that SouthPe
    10/01/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Imagine Lewis Carroll and Jean-Paul Sartre had a baby. That baby might be Fran Bow.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: Aug 27, 2015 Fran Bow is the new adventure game
    09/24/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • In a house full of trap doors, secret tunnels, breaking glass and suspicious fires, one misstep and Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance
    Release Date: November 2000Platform: PCNote: Originally published in 2000 Her Interactive, the
    09/24/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • I'm not ashamed to admit it, though it makes me sound a bit like I'm at a twelve-step meeting: "Hello, my name is Ray. And ... I ... like Myst clones!"
    Note: Review originally posted November 10, 1998 I'm not ashamed to admit it, though it makes me so
    08/27/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Upper One Games is doing lovely work and I look forward to their future projects.
    Genre: Platformer, AdventureRelease Date: July 28, 2015 This content requires the base game Ne
    08/19/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • In Byzantine, you play an American investigative reporter (sex undetermined, a very nice touch) who's rushed to Istanbul after receiving messages from a friend there. Your friend, Emre, claimed he was onto a huge story that he wanted you to cover.
    Note: Review was originally posted December 9, 1999. Here's yet another first-class adventure game
    07/23/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • A surprisingly entertaining point-and-click adventure, as long as you take it lightly.
    Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure/Hidden Object/InfotainmentRelease Date: May 6, 2015 Grade: B (f
    06/07/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Here we have a gem of a quirky, funny, Japanese-style sci-fi RPG with an American flair that's definitely adventure-gamer friendly!
    Note: Originally published 21 Feb 2002Release Date: 2001Platform: PCCalling all adven
    05/07/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Three stories, three people, one destiny: The dreamer. The rebel. The apostle. Drawn into events that will bring them together, their lives are about to change...and nothing will ever be the same.
    Genre: Action-Adventure/FantasyRelease Date: April 2006Platform: PC, XboxNote: Originally published
    04/23/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • There are so many terrific things in Beyond Good and Evil that it’s difficult to know where to begin.
    Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date: December 2, 2003 Review originally published February 4,
    04/02/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Search for a missing toy factory heir as you travel through France, Germany, Russia and beyond on board a fantastic clockwork train piloted by an automaton
    Release Date: European Release - June 2002Platform: PC Note: Review originally published 5 Jul
    03/26/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • I had a great time playing this unusual game and I think you will, too.
    Genre: Puzzle Platformer Release Date: November 18, 2014   Here’s another short revie
    03/12/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • It turns out that one of most poorly-named games on mobile platforms is also one of the best!
    Genre: Puzzle I’m constantly complaining about the state of games available on my Android tablet.
    01/24/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • The game may be great, but getting started had me stuck in TECH HELL! Fixing the problem was mandatory if I was to import my choices and decision from the earlier Dragon Age games.
    Dragon Age: Inquisition Diary 1, December 5th, 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Diary 2, December 9th
    12/16/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • The first thing that makes the game work is the fall-down-on-the-floor hilarious script.
    It’s lucky for us that at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards, representatives from Telltale Games an
    12/02/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Gripping story that's full of heart. Gorgeous 2D art with charming parallax effects. Wall to wall enjoyable puzzles. Video review.
    Final Grade: A+   +  Gorgeous 2D art with charming parallax effects + Gripping st
    11/27/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • A cranky response to all that unfettered love for Divinity: Original Sin
    I promise you, no one was more surprised than I was. I became a gigantic fan of the original Divine
    11/14/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Thief review by Ray Ivey. "If you were a fan of the first two games, I recommend you give Thief a look. Concentrate on the good stuff, hold your nose for the bad stuff, and you’ll have a good, sneaky time."
    You can’t blame Eidos Montreal for trying.  What ambitious studio wouldn’t be interested in
    11/04/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 reviewed by Ray Ivey. "Tomb Raider is that rare game that fires on all cylinders."
    The Tomb Raider franchise has been around since 1996, and has spawned at least fifteen games across
    10/03/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey lets us know what he thinks of the new point-and-click adventure from Carlos Coronado, Dani Navarro, Luka Nieto and Jose Ladislao
    Ray Ivey reviews Mind: Path to Thalamus     Grade: C+   + Nice art, en
    09/07/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • In a double-header, Ray Ivey reviews both Van Helsing action-adventure RPGs from Neocore Games
    Wreak havoc in the gorgeous and rowdy worlds of Neocore's action-adventure RPGs The Incredible Adven
    08/08/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey visits The Rock and the San Francisco of the Beats, and tells us all about it
    Please note: 1954: Alcatraz is a game for adults only. Guns, gays, goons, gonifs, grifters, getaway
    04/01/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Burn, baby, burn
    What makes a good game? This is something I think about a lot. Since I write about games, I have to
    01/31/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Can you tell Ray loves this puzzle adventure?
    Fireproof Games’ The Room is the best original Android game that I have played. There, I’ve said
    01/30/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is the fifth title in the Broken Sword series, developed and published by Revolution Software. Video Review by Ray Ivey.
    Enjoy this video review of Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse by Ray Ivey.    Serpent's Curse is
    01/08/14 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey reviews The Bridge, an indie puzzle adventure game by Ty Taylor & Mario Castañeda.
    Watch this video review of The Bridge, a 2D logic puzzle game that forces the player to reevalu
    08/22/13 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • If you're longing for a traditional third-person point-and-click game with lots of puzzles, characters, story and extras, you cant go wrong with this one!
    As of May 10, 2018, this game is available from the JA Store   Release Date: May 28, 201
    07/19/13 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • You are Corvo Attano, a once-trusted bodyguard of the Empress who is framed for her murder; empowered with supernatural abilities, you become an assassin to seek revenge on those who ruined your life.
    Developer / Publisher: Bethesda, Arkane StudiosRelease Date: October 2012Platform: PC, PS3, XBox 360
    04/19/13 | Review | by Ray Ivey
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