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  • Ultimately, despite the fact that the fierce, fighting fairies of Zanzarah only superficially resemble the gossamer creatures of my childhood memory, I had to agree with the press release when it described the game as “enthralling” - but - and it's a BIG BUT! I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who is a purist adventure gamer.
    Note: This review was first published April 1, 2002 Firstly I should emphasise that Action/Adventur
    07/20/17 | Review | by Maggie Holt
  • My initial comment is that there is very little I can say about Salammbo that isn’t good. The developers appear to have tried to incorporate virtually everything that the dedicated point ‘n’ click adventurer asks for in a game.
    Note: Review was originally posted July 6, 2003 My initial comment is that there is very littl
    12/31/15 | Review | by Maggie Holt
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