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  • This sequel to the 7th Guest invites players to return the Stauf Mansion to solve more puzzles and save a friend in need
    Note: Review was originally posted on October 19, 1995. When I bought a CD-ROM drive a couple years
    03/10/16 | Review | by Scorpia
  • Overall, Alone In The Dark is one of those neat games with some irritating flaws. Lovecraftian overtones contribute a lot to the atmosphere, which is well-maintained. Graphically, the monsters could have been better.
    Note: Review originally published in 1999 Drawing heavily (in some respects) on the works of H.P. L
    05/28/15 | Review | by Scorpia
  • Black Dahlia begins its somber and mysterious tale in 1941. The United States is plagued by a serial killer known as the "Torso Murderer" in Cleveland and the grisly killing of an aspiring but aggrieved young actress named Elizabeth Short in Los Angeles, who is dubbed "Black Dahlia" because of her propensity for wearing black.
    During the late 1930's, Cleveland was terrorized by a serial killer called variously the "Mad Butche
    01/01/03 | Review | by Scorpia
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