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My name is Daniel Deitrick, and I'm a writer for JustAdventure.com with a focus on adventure and and action adventure games for the Xbox One. I graduated American University in 2014 with a political science degree and am currently living and working in the great non-state of Washington D.C.

I've enjoyed computer games ever since the Living Books games when I was three years old, playing on my parents' old Mac. Since then I've played everything from FPS to RTS, and have collected a lot of adventure games on a platform where they're seeing new life - the Xbox One. My favorite adventure games include Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, Gone Home: Console Edition, Life is Strange, and Valiant Hearts The Great War.

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  • I don't think it's a terrible game, and I admire it for being experimental in an industry that can be risk-averse.
    Genre: Narrative Game/Walking Simulator Release date: May 3, 2016 Review platform: PC and
    07/03/16 | Review | by Daniel Deitrick
  • Reboots are always a tricky proposition, but DOOM's campaign is hellishly fun for FPS fans.
    Genre: First-Person ShooterRelease date: May 13, 2016Review Platform: Xbox One Reboots are always a
    06/10/16 | Review | by Daniel Deitrick
  • In many respects, it’s unparalleled as a cooperative shooter/RPG hybrid, but bland side-content and the inconsistent nature of the Dark Zone dampen the fun
    Genre: Action AdventureRelease date: March 8, 2016Review Platform: Xbox One On a Black Friday
    04/08/16 | Review | by Daniel Deitrick
  • The overall presentation is fantastic -- the game is absolutely worth the asking price
    Genre: Action-AdventureRelease date: November 10, 2015 The first I'd ever heard of Lara Croft,
    02/09/16 | Review | by Daniel Deitrick
  • I very much enjoyed playing through Oxenfree but glitches and design flaws marred the experience
    Genre: AdventureRelease date: January 14, 2016 Stop me if you’ve heard this premise before:
    02/02/16 | Review | by Daniel Deitrick
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