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  • ...if you are willing to take the time to understand the mechanics of the game and the idea of helping a species survive in a hostile environment appeals to you, Creatures: Exodus has a lot to offer
    Note: This review was originally published August 11, 2005 I’m sorry, did you happen to see my sp
    02/02/17 | Review | by Ugur Sener
  • What makes D a failure and the reason it is on Just Adventure’s list of “turkeys” is exactly what is supposed to make it stand out. From the moment the game starts, players have exactly two hours to complete the game and there is no save function.
    Note: Review was originally published July 7, 2003 Released in 1996 [the Japanese version was relea
    06/02/16 | Review | by Ugur Sener
  • Another nightmare is about to start; this time you investigate your very own past as The Dark Lineage hunts you down. Investigate and prevail before the darkness swallows you!
    Genre: Adventure Horror/ThrillerRelease Date: May 21, 2010 (UK); June (localized versions across E
    03/25/12 | Review | by Ugur Sener
  • With development in motion on the fourth chapter in the Casebook series, Areo Cinematic Games releases the three previous chapters in a special edition trilogy pack.
    Genre: Mystery/Full Motion Video/Episodic/Indie Developer Release Date: June 2010   Introducti
    07/16/10 | Review | by Ugur Sener
  • Creatures: Village is all about hatching, raising, teaching, and taking care of artificial life forms known as Norns.
    Marking a new chapter in the long-running Creatures series, Creatures: Villageoffers you another
    11/10/05 | Review | by Ugur Sener
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