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  • Overall, The Uncertainty Machine is a very pleasant game. If you enjoy adventure games and are into trying something different, then you certainly will enjoy this game.
    Note: This review was originally published August 7, 2003 First of all, everyone who has given his/
    11/30/17 | Review | by Jerome Vanderprijt
  • Awaken from a 200-year cryosleep on a space station/prison accused of a crime you didn't commit; steal a shuttle, escape and set out to clear your name
    Genre: Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: December 2003Platform: PC Note: This review was originall
    07/14/16 | Review | by Jerome Vanderprijt
  • In 2001 Detalion and L.K. Avalon developed Schizm: The Mysterious Journey. Thinking of Schizm I remember the great storyline, the amazing graphics, sounds and not in the least the difficult logic-based puzzles. Check the review on Just Adventure if you need further proof. No wonder I was thrilled to hear Detalion was developing a sequel: Chameleon.
    In 2001 Detalion and L.K. Avalon developed Schizm: The Mysterious Journey. Thinking of Schizm I r
    12/16/03 | Review | by Jerome Vanderprijt
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