Karla Munger
I've been with JA since 2003; I'm the resident hermit. I'm also a freelance digital artist. My avatar is one of my creations. I started out at JA as tender of The JAVE (Just Adventure Virtual Encyclopedia, which is not currently part of the site), and also wrote reviews. In 2008, JA's former owner, Randy Sluganski, invited me to become the site's webmaster. I continued to maintain the site and The JAVE until JA was sold to Shane. Fortunately, I got to stay and became  website administrator. I love games. Adventure games are my first love, followed by RPG, FPS and RTS. But if a game is good, the genre doesn't really matter to me. I especially like games that are dark, scary, creepy, sickening, disgusting...you get the idea. My favorites are The Cat Lady, Scratches: The Director's Cut and Still Life (the first one only). In the realm of my favorite non-scarys are Syberia I and II, TLJ, Dreamfall, Culpa Innata and the older Nancy Drew games. I absolutely detest Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Microsoft in general and Dell computers.
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  • Indie developer Phantom 8 Studio brings us a mix of stealth and combat
    This represents a preview of Past Cure from Berlin-based indie developer Phantom 8 Studio. It's the
    02/07/18 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • If you love horror as much as I do, I suggest you play this genuinely scary demo without delay. When The Land of Pain is released, you can bet I'll be there.
    Genre: First-person survival horrorExpected release date: 2017Demo released: May 31, 2017
    07/23/17 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • My first look at the story-driven adventure from Unbound Creations has left me quite impressed
    Karaski: What Goes Up... is a very clever game. Its narrative is billed as open-ended, non-linear an
    12/11/15 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • A first look at the mystery/horror adventure developed for PC by Luminy Studios in collaboration with the Ice House Indie Artist's Collective
    In 2008, Luminy Studios released a short game called Bloodwood. It was free. Bloodwood Reload repre
    06/06/15 | Preview | by Karla Munger
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