Bury Me, My Love Review
Bury Me, My Love Review
I would not call Bury Me, My Love a game. It is an interactive experience that forgoes the “fun factor” and uses the platform to tell an important story in a very different way.
Posted: 01/28/18 | Category: Review | Developer: The Pixel Hunt, Figs | Publisher: Playdius | Platform: Android, Ios

Genre: Instant Messaging Adventure
Release date: October 26. 2017
Platform: iOS, Android

Begin with a Good-Bye  

In the war-torn city of Homs, Syria, bombs have continued to fall and civilian casualties mount. Having recently lost her sister, a woman named Nour sets out on a journey towards Europe and a better life. Her husband, Majd, cannot accompany her due to his own family obligations in the region. Thus, he stays behind.

Bury Me, My Love is the tale of Nour’s escape, as told through her text message conversations with Majd over the course of her travels. Using Majd’s cell phone, you monitor and respond to the messages received from Nour. You control his responses with text choices, emojis, and an occasional photo. You also can track Nour’s progress on the phone’s map/location feature. In some cases, you may receive an incoming call/voicemail from Nour.


Bury Me, My Love can be played in two modes. Selecting “Real Time” means that Nour’s messages come in as she sends them and you are notified.  This is a more realistic simulation of the conversation that occurs over many days. For the less patient gamer, the “Fast” mode allows you to click through their conversation without respect to time.

A Journey into the Unknown  

Over the course of her travels, Nour solicits input from Majd on many decisions and courses of action.  The advice he gives and the tone of his replies drive her choices and, ultimately, the outcome of her journey. As a result, Bury Me, My Love can be replayed multiple times trying different strategies to guide Nour to safety. Without going into spoiler territory, I must acknowledge that Nour did not fare well under my tutelage.

I would not call Bury Me, My Love a game. It is an interactive experience that forgoes the “fun factor” and uses the platform to tell an important story in a very different way. It puts the player at the heart of the plight of those displaced by war. While refugees and immigration are often highly charged emotional topics, I would encourage players to park their opinions and beliefs at the proverbial door when starting this adventure. Only those with a hardened heart will not be changed by the experience.

For those who live far from Syria, refugees are often faceless people that we read about in the news. We are not emotionally connected and can’t begin to fathom their situation. A simulation like Bury Me, My Love gives us a brief glimpse into the lives of two (albeit fictional) people caught up in this humanitarian crisis. By participating in their story, we are given an opportunity to step out of our own comfort zone and begin to build true compassion and caring. 

Important story that needs to be told
+ For those with open hearts and minds, it will change perceptions and build empathy
+ Unique format puts the player into the heart of Nour and Majd’s situation
Not really a game and not especially entertaining or fun

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