Apparition to Emerge From the Woods in Q2 2018
Apparition to Emerge From the Woods in Q2 2018
This first-person survival horror game takes place in a forest based on a real, allegedly-possessed location in North Carolina called Devil's Tramping Ground
Posted: 01/24/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: MrCiastku | Publisher: Fat Dog Games | Platform: Windows

In Apparition, you are a paranormal researcher looking to document ghost activity in a fictional haunted forest known as Green Creek. It's based on the actual location Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina that's purported to be haunted for real. It's alleged that people have disappeared there without a trace.

You'll communicate with ghosts, phantoms and demons using an interactive Ouija board, which will respond to your questions. You'll also have a camera and audio recorder with which to register your findings. And you'll discover notes from others who have braved the forest's nightmare.

Apparition is being developed by one-man studio MrCiastku (Shadows 2: Perfidia) and will be published by Fat Dog Games. It's due to be released on Windows in Q2 2018.

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