Enter InnerSpace Starting January 16th
Enter InnerSpace Starting January 16th
From PolyKnight Games, an exploration flying game where your greatest journey is within
Posted: 01/15/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: PolyKnight Games | Publisher: Aspyr Media | Platform: Nintendo switch, Linux, Xbox one, Playstation 4, Windows, Mac

InnerSpace is set in the Inverse, a world of inside-out planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in. It's a game about exploration and player-driven moments, both small and spectacular.

You are a nameless cartographer, working for an archaelogist who has unlocked the door of the Ancients, where gods once lived.

Your task is to soar through skies, dive into lost oceans and chart the unknown. In a world of inverted physics, discover relics of the past and uncover the true history of the Inverse, its people, its gods and its future.

InnerSpace features an ethereal art style, a soothing score, and offers a provocative flying experience unlike any other. You can take your time as you travel through the game world. Secrets of the Inverse will gradually reveal themselves to you.

InnerSpace is the first title from PolyKnight Games. It began as a project among college friends.

In 2014 it was successfully funded on Kickstarter. And now, following years of development, you're invited to experience all that is InnerSpace starting January 16th. It will be released on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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