The Fall of Lazarus to Rise October 4th
The Fall of Lazarus to Rise October 4th
This Kickstarter-backed sci-fi mystery is described by developer No Wand Studios as Firewatch (Campo Santo) meets the film Moon (Duncan Jones)
Posted: 09/20/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: No Wand Studios | Platform: Windows

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Sci-Fi Mystery Adventure The Fall of Lazarus Has Been Greenlit - March 22, 2017 

The Fall of Lazarus is a deeply narrative game in which the story is advanced through exploration and puzzle-solving. You won't find any fluff or padding here. Everything in the multi-level script is there for a reason.

As the protagonist, you've signed on to go to a mining colony on a mission that's eight years in duration. The transport ship is The USSC Lazarus. The length of the trip makes it necessary to travel in hypersleep.

When you return to consciousness, you discover you're alone. Worse yet, your memory is gone. Things become increasingly strange as you experience traumatic memories, hear weird noises and see apparitions.

You start to lose your grip on reality. You must find a way to leave the ship before things get worse.

This Unreal 4-powered exploration sci-fi mystery is slated to be released October 4th for Windows. It will be available on Steam, Game Jolt  and

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