Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Will Begin Placing Calls This Summer
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Will Begin Placing Calls This Summer
Help! Laura has lost her phone and needs YOU
Posted: 08/06/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Accidental Queens | Publisher: Playdius | Platform: Android, Ios, Windows

Accidental Queens just announced that it will be launching Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story later this summer. Its first game, A Normal Lost Phone, was released in January of this year and received kudos from the gaming community. Our own Just Adventure review gave it an A-.

Another Lost Phone is described as the “spiritual successor to A Normal Lost Phone” and will follow similar themes. You find a lost cell phone and gain access to personal information about the owner by browsing text messages, photos, social network accounts, and apps. The original game allows you to enter a place that most of us would never dare to go… trespassing into a stranger’s personal life by virtual eavesdropping and snooping. It is a game of guilty pleasures, to say the least!

This new game will center on a phone owned by a young woman named Laura who seems to have gone missing. In addition to snooping, players will be tasked to discover what happened to her and how she lost her phone. As in its first title, Accidental Queens will touch on important social themes. Learning about a stranger, including the challenges he/she faces, gives us an empathetic window into a world outside of our own. Although the framework of the two games is the same, Another Lost Phone promises that the mystery of Laura will be told as a completely new story with new puzzles.

The soundtrack for Another Lost Phone also looks promising and will feature songs licensed from the WARP music label, including the track White Gloves by Khruangbin.

Accidental Queens is an indie development studio based in Tourcoing, France. Founded by three women with a passion for gaming, its stated goal is “to create games that feature never before seen mechanics” and “exploring topics from everyday life and social questions through innovative narrative tools.” Additional information about this studio and its games is available on the Accidental Queens website.

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