InSomnia Reaches Kickstarter Goal Ahead of Schedule
InSomnia Reaches Kickstarter Goal Ahead of Schedule
Stretch goals have now kicked in; a playable tech demo is available on the Kickstarter page
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InSomnia Video, Screens, Info - July 8, 2014

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Studio MONO is pleased to announce that the funding goal for its atmospheric dieselpunk RPG InSomnia has been met and exceeded a week early.

Anatoliy Necrasov, lead developer at Studio MONO: "The team and I are very happy with the continued support from our backers. To reach our inital funding target at this stage is amazing and we're now extremely excited about the possiblity of reaching further stretch goals. This is such great news and we are all very proud of this project and highly motivated to deliver a game that lives up to our backers' expectations!"

In InSomnia, you'll awaken from a 400-year cryogenic sleep on a retro-futuristic space station in an atmosphere permeated by noir and dieselpunk. Become immersed in a non-linear story in which everything will come to depend on your actions.

Experience man-made, apocalyptic landscapes with a dark ambient soundtrack and echoes of a post-war civilization. Play through the atmospheric single-player campaign alone or with friends.

Break free from RPG leveling systems, character classes and grind. Enjoy randomly-generated events and missions for single player & co-op. Experience rich storylines updated every 2-3 months with both single-player and co-op content.   Embark on non-linear quests and missions with many possible solutions and puzzles.

InSomnia is to be released for PC in Q4 2015. Release dates for Mac and Linux are TBD.

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