Kickstarter Campaign Launched for The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock
Kickstarter Campaign Launched for The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock
This new point-and-click, vintage horror-comedy adventure from indie developer enComplot is in need of your support; a demo is currently available for PC and Mac
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The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock - Trailer, Character & Scenery Art, Info - April 3, 2014
Visit the Kickstarter page (includes link to demo)

With The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock, developer enComplot intends to return to the very essence of vintage horror with a story about tormented writers, curses and vengeance. Big helpings of comedy and irony will be added for extra tastiness.

Put another way: Imagine a blender. Drop in a dark and truculent story...think Poe or Lovecraft...then pour in some fun adventure and gags, add a sprinkling of references to vintage horror movies and tales, a little lemon to sour it up and a little tomato sauce for color. Then press the button.

After everything is nicely mixed, add a generous helping of lovingly painted and sculpted artwork, and voilá! There you have The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock.

Waldemar will feature two unique paths to take, each with different situations, puzzles and characters. This will greatly enhance replayability.

You'll execute vendettas, practice arcane rituals, communicate with the dead and unravel ancestral mysteries. You'll experience a game that will engage your ingeniousness without trying your patience (thank you), and that will activate your lateral thinking with challenges woven into the story, without minigames or other fillers to distract you or hinder your progress (oh, thank you).

Have a look at "What is an Adventure Game?" on Waldemar's Kickstarter page. IMO, enComplot nails the nature of the genre.

And among the game's influences cited by enCompolot are the Hammer horror films of the '60s. I'm in heaven.

You'll find a link to the demo for PC and Mac -- in English, German and Spanish, no less -- on the game's Kickstarter page. The campaign will run until April 29, 2014. Please be generous!

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