Benjamin Rivers Unveils New Psychological Romance Adventure "Alone With You"
Benjamin Rivers Unveils New Psychological Romance Adventure "Alone With You"
Creator of the horror hit "Home" now turns to a "psychological dating sim," but it's nothing like what you'd expect...
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Alone With You. Sounds...well...I'm not sure. But it doesn't sound like what it apparently is. Not to me, anyway.

Indie developer Benjamin Rivers defied genre conventions with his previous creation, the horror game Home. It paid off. The game was a smash hit.

Just in time for GDC, he has announced his next effort: the single-player exploration game Alone With You, currently in early development. The game has a romantic subtext, but look where and with whom this takes place.

You're on a distant planet, the final crew member of a terraforming project gone wrong. The planet is slowly falling to pieces. All other humans are gone. The installation's A.I. is your sole companion.

Main Features:

  • Narrative-focused, with story and gameplay intertwined
  • Gender-neutral protagonist (nothing has been said so far about the A.I.)
  • Controller scheme optimized for ease of play

As stated, Alone With You is still in early development. Information concerning platforms and release dates should be forthcoming within the next few months.

Hmmm. This is all we've been told, so you'll have to use your imagination -- at least for awhile -- concerning what happens.

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