Randal's Monday Will "Point-and-Geek" Its Way Onto Computers Worldwide in Q3 2014
Randal's Monday Will "Point-and-Geek" Its Way Onto Computers Worldwide in Q3 2014
German Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and Spanish Developer Nexus Game Studios team up for the release
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News: New Trailer for Randal's Monday - October 9, 2013
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Randal is a terrible friend and thoroughly unlikeable fellow who, after a night of drinking, ends up with his friend Matt's wallet and engagement ring.

Does he give them back? Nope. Without even thinking about it, he sells the ring. This triggers a very unfortunate curse and sets off some catastrophic events.

Matt, well, commits suicide. And Randal must live the same day -- which happens to be a Monday -- over and over until he puts things right.

If you like dark humor, geek culture references and point-and-click adventures, Randal's Monday is for you. The game features retro videogame consoles, references to classic movies and television, and pays tribute to a generation of gamers from the '80s, '90s and early 2000s.

Randal’s Monday will release as a digital download in Q3 2014 on PC.

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