Syberia Has Amazing Start on Android
Syberia Has Amazing Start on Android
Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are on the way. Syberia III in development - see some concept art images!
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Adventure game Syberia, launched by French publisher Microïds on Android less than three weeks ago, is currently in the top 5 paying new games and in the Brain category on Google Play (Android) in several countries around the world. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are nearing completion.

This news, coupled with Syberia 3 finally being in development ten years after Syberia II, makes for intense anticipation by the Syberia saga's legion of fans. Many have had the opportunity to discover or rediscover publisher Microïds’ jewel, created along with world famous writer Benoit Sokal (L’Amerzone).

The public and media have both pronounced the series' strength as the realistic way in which it portrays both human and societal themes. In Syberia, New York lawyer Kate Walker re-evaluates her life - in which she has conformed with society's expectations - and the importance of pursuring her dreams.

Elliot Grassiano, VP at Microïds, is gratified by the support and loyalty of the Syberia community: “More than a decade after its creation, this title keeps having adventure fans traveling, no matter the platform they play on. We are happy to allow a new audience to discover this saga that is so original and perfectly adaptable on mobiles and tablets today.”

Syberia is fully dubbed and subtitled in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

 Logo  Syberia Art 1    
Syberia Art 2  Syberia Art 4 
* The images are some concept art for Syberia III we were able to find.

Also Available for your iPhone:


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