Confused About The Halloween Haunting (that wasn't)?
Confused About The Halloween Haunting (that wasn't)?
Me, too...
Posted: 12/06/13 | Category: News | Platform: Windows
A Few New Screens, New Info

Okay. Wandering around on the web as I frequently do, looking for tasty tidbits to post for you fine members of JA, I came across an upcoming game from Darkling Room/Jonathan Boakes called Blackenrock. Right there on The Last Crown website. To be released "soon."


At first, I just sat there as though I had a head full of cobwebs. I'd never heard of this game. Where had I been as it was being developed? Would it not have been publicized? I think I heard some Twilight Zone music.

Then, a memory seeped into my brain. A memory of The Halloween Haunting. An upcoming game from Darklng Room/Jonathan Boakes/Iceberg Interactive that I'd posted about early last October. A game that had dropped right off the radar.
Okay, I think some history is in order.

This all started when the release of The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle was delayed; more development and promotion had been deemed necessary. To tide us over, a new "Crown" game, called The Halloween Haunting, was to be released for Halloween 2013 as a digital download. It would cost only $5.00, a portion of which would be used to further fund The Last Crown.  

Along with the news, I posted screens and story info, also early last October. But Halloween came and went, The Halloween Haunting didn't appear, and there was no more news. At least, none of which I'd been aware.

I moved on, covered many other games and, to be honest, hadn't thought about The Halloween Haunting again. Well, until this morning.

It seems as though the game has been renamed. It's still coming. Soon. It's now Blackenrock. Or, to be technically correct, The Last Crown: Blackenrock.

The description is the same as The Halloween Haunting except at the very end, where reside these changes:

"The mystery surrounding Keeper's Cottage was thought to be 'unsolvable,' but not anymore. As Halloween approaches, Nigel realises that he and Lucy Reubans (his ghost-hunting partner) may have the perfect opportunity to crack the case, and learn what dark power dwells within the walls of the abandoned coastal house.

(This spooky Halloween adventure game will be available shortly as a digital download.)  

As a test for the new 'GhostGadget,' the island offers a perfect opportunity to study paranormal phenomena, without interference, of any kind, from the modern day world."

System Requirements are the same with one exception. This has been added:
"Note: A version of Blackenrock for lower resolutions (including notebooks) will also be available."

So there you have it. Blackenrock. "Buy Soon. $5 Digital Download."
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