Take On Mars Gets Third Major Update
Take On Mars Gets Third Major Update
New update includes technology tree, improved vehicle handling, new crater locations, and more.
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Bohemia Interactive released today a third major update for their exploration simulator Take On Mars. The update contains a bunch of new additions and improvements, such as new crater locations, new vehicles, and other such goodies.
One of the new implementations includes a technology tree, which lets players research various technologies to get access to new instruments and vehicles. Along with a tech tree, there are new global objectives, which has accomplishments at various locations in the game contributing to the same objective, contributing into one whole objective.
A new update wouldn't be without new vehicles, a "Probe" vehicle and a the Soviet-era Mars 3 lander that holds Mars' first rover, the Prop-M. This was the first vehicle to achieve a soft landing on Mars' Ptolemaeus Crater in 1971. And with that, players can explore two new crater locations: Lyot and Ptolemaeus. 
Currently Take On Mars is still in Early Access, receiving constant updates for fixes and adding content. 
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