Dyscourse Will Ship with Bonus Scenario
Dyscourse Will Ship with Bonus Scenario
Psychological survival adventure game will ship with bonus scenario that includes cameos from indie game developers.
Posted: 11/18/13 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh
Owlchemy Labs announced that Dyscourse, their upcoming psychological survival adventure game, will be shipping with an additional bonus scenario titled "Indie Plane Crash". This new bonus scenario will feature cameos from ten indie game developers known for several big indie releases.
In the scenario, players will be tasked with surviving on a mysterious island after a freak plane crash. The player isn't alone, and will have to deal with the antics and group dynamics of ten other plane-wrecked people: a group of highly-regarded game industry professionals who are talented in game development, but utterly hopeless in survival situations. 
The cast of the ten talented indie game developers include:
  • Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Broken Age / Double Fine)
  • Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy / Team Meat)
  • Phil Tibitoski (Octodad / Young Horses)
  • Alexander Bruce (Antichamber / Independent)
  • Ron Carmel (World of Goo / 2D Boy)
  • Robin Hunicke (Journey, thatgamecompany / Funomena)
  • Ichiro Lambe (Aaaaa! / Dejobaan Games)
  • Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Hundreds / Semi Secret Software)
  • Will Stallwood (Auditorium / Cipher Prime)
  • Rami Ismail (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing / Vlambeer)
In the base game, Dyscourse is also about surviving on an island after a plane crash, but with other survivors. Players play as Rita, where her choices are up to the player: does she show compassion to her other castaways, work with them? Is she out for herself only?
Owlchemy Labs is stating that the story is incredibly dynamic and expansive, with players never really experiencing the same scenario as their friends. 
Currently Dyscourse is on Kickstarter looking to get funded for $40,000, and aiming for a beta in May 2014. The expected release platforms are PC, Mac, and Linux.
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