New Preview Video for Prominence
New Preview Video for Prominence
Narrated tour video reveals design features and more in sci-fi adventure game.
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Digital Media Workshop revealed today a video preview of their upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure game Prominence. The seven minute video shows in-game footage, art for several game characters, game mechanics, and more. 
The video is narrated by Mike Morrison, who is careful to not reveal any plot spoilers or any solved puzzles. Morrison also talks about key feature and design decisions, such as animated transitions between locations to help players in getting their bearings and keep the sense of scale. 
”In making this video, we wanted to show more of what Prominence has to offer, taking care to steer away from spoilers as much as possible since it’s a traditional adventure game,” said Kevin McGrath, lead programmer on the project. “We decided to go with a guided tour that demonstrates some of the game’s key features, such as the control scheme and UI, and the puzzle types that players can expect to encounter in Prominence.”
The video also gives a sneak peek at some of the digital extras that will come with every copy of the game, at the lovely price of free. Check out the video below:
Prominence is expected to release in early 2014 for Windows PC. It will be available in English and several localized versions such as French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitles.
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