Kalypso Media Announces New DARK DLC
Kalypso Media Announces New DARK DLC
Eric Bane Returns in Cult of the Dead, out this December for PC
Posted: 11/12/13 | Category: News | Platform: Xbox
Have you been wondering where Eric Bane has been? Well, he's back.

And this time, he takes no prisoners in the deadly new mission Cult of the Dead, the first DARK DLC for Windows PC, available as a digital download on December 5th. Shortly thereafter, it will be released for Xbox 360®.

Life is not getting easier for Bane. Plagued by M17 vampire hunters, he escapes only to learn of the mysterious Book of the Dead. This book grants its owner the power to control death and its creatures, and presents an immediate threat to all things, both living and dead. It also offers Eric a chance to learn much about his kind.

In his quest to find the book, Eric must face off against a new enemy, the Necromancers. There is also a regrouped M17 wanting revenge!

  • Includes a brand new mission which challenges you to find the mysterious Book of the Dead
  • Test your stealth and vampiric skills with five new maps in challenge mode
  • New opponent: the deadly sniper
  • New Boss: the Cultist
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