Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Updates Coming
Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Updates Coming
Stimulus Package is coming, along with new add-on content and content creator.
Posted: 10/28/13 | Category: News | Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Rockstar Games announced today that players should be preparing themselves for a world-wide update for GTA Online and GTA V. The well-known and slightly-delayed Stimulus Package will be coming some time next week, and a new content pack will be making an appearance in early November. A content creator will also be coming in a future update.
The critically-acclaimed open-world third-person adventure game has seen a wildly successful release, and also a rollercoaster experience of an online multiplayer launch. In an apology for the buggy multiplayer launch, Rockstar is promising to put out a Stimulus Pack, $500,000 in two installments, to the players. The first installment has seen a delay, but Rockstar is expecting to release it next week. 
Also announced is the Beach Bum Pack, set to release in early November as GTA V's first add-on content. The pack contains all-new beach-themed vehicles and new weapons that can be used in both GTA Online and Story Mode. There are also going to be new customization options for Online players' avatars such as new tattoos, hairstyles, and more. There will also be new Jobs to play. Best part about the Beach Bum Pack is that it is coming at the lovely price of free.
The GTA Online Content Creator will be coming sometime this fall, which gives players the ability to create, publish, rate, and play custom-made Deathmatch and Race Jobs. Ones that Rockstar finds as "exceptional" will get the stamp of approval with "Rockstar Verified". Like the Beach Bum Pack, the Content Creator will be free.
Finally, starting in November, Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event weekends will start, bringing special rewards and bonuses like limited-edition in-game Event Crate Drops to in-game discount specials, to even prize pack giveaways of GTA V gear. This will be displayed via Rockstar Games' Twitch page.
We'll keep an eye out for when all of this magic is released. Be sure to check out our review of GTA V as well!
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