Catmouth Island Episode 1 on Indiegogo
Catmouth Island Episode 1 on Indiegogo
Developer Colonthree Enterprises really needs your help -- in fact, it needs all the help it can get
Posted: 10/14/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other, Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh
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Catmouth Island is an idea that has been in the works at Colonthree Enterprises since early 2012. Due to other obligations, however, full-time work wasn't possible until May 2013.

Colonthree has already released a game for Android called Chairspin. It's now setting its sights on making an enjoyable episodic 3D exploration game for more than just handheld devices.

PC and Mac are its next big targets, and that's where you come in. Colonthree needs your help to get there.

Catsmouth Island Episode 1 uses point-and-click navigation and is being built using the Unity 3D engine. Its puzzles are basically of three types: the simple fetch quest, item combination, and interaction with the environment. Some puzzles are dependent on time-of-day. Others are part of larger puzzles.

Please consider supporting Catmouth Island Episode 1 so it can become a reality. View the Indiegogo trailer, some screenshots and additional info about the game here.
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