MyGaze Revealed at Eurogamer Expo
MyGaze Revealed at Eurogamer Expo
New technology that will offer disabled and non-disabled gamers a chance to play games using their eyes.
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German company Visual Interaction revealed the potential and importance of the new myGaze eye tracker device at Eurogamer Expo 2013. The device is primarily aimed at gamers who are disabled and are unable  to use their hands to use controllers and other devices. Although it was noted that in the past the main challenge was creating a device that was affordable, but Visual Interaction's myGaze eye tracker clocks in at a more reachable 499 dollars. Developer, Education, and Enterprise editions raise the price even higher.
How effective is the myGaze? SpecialEffect, a charity that uses technology to enhance the quality of life for disabled people, got their hands on a developer edition to test its feasibility with current popular games like DiRT3, Peggle, andFruit Ninja. The device was also on hand for the public to try out during Eurogamer Expo 2013 in London.
Dr. Mick Donegan, CEO and founder of SpecialEffect had this to say:
“...While the myGaze isn’t designed to offer the range of features available on systems specially designed for the assistive market, it can nonetheless offer a level of performance that can enhance the enjoyment of people with a wide range of abilities, if it is used with carefully selected and modified games.”
The myGaze eye tracker isn't just for video games, it has been tested and can be used with other 3rd party applications. 
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