A Halloween Treat from Darkling Room and Iceberg Interactive
A Halloween Treat from Darkling Room and Iceberg Interactive
Before The Last Crown is discovered, sink your teeth into The Halloween Haunting
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Halloween is almost here. The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle, however, won't be arriving in time for a Halloween release. It seems that more development and promotion are deemed necessary.

But all is not lost! As a treat to tide us over, a new "Crown" game created specifically for Halloween 2013 will soon be released as a digital download for just five smackers. Appropriately, it's called The Halloween Haunting.

Halloween night has fallen on Saxton Harbor, and Nigel is about to tell a scary ghost story to a crowd (which includes the player) huddled in The Bear Inn. A fire has been lit, the music has been switched off, and we wait patiently for him begin... 

A portion of The Halloween Haunting's proceeds will be used to further fund The Last Crown.
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