LEVEL 22 - Gary's Misadventures Released on App Stores

Stealth-comedy adventure title hits the app stores today to possibly provide influence on how to sneak into work when you're late.


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Sneaking into work can mean quietly opening doors, ducking behind partitions, and generally avoiding the boss as much as possible. What if such a situation was taken a bit more seriously but at the same time, given a comedic twist? That's where LEVEL 22 comes in.
Releasing today for the Apple App Store and Google Play, LEVEL 22 puts you in the shoes of Gary, a cubicle-bound desk jockey that wakes up late after a crazy birthday party. Since being late is a bit of a thing that Gary does, he'll have to be discreet and secretive to make it into work, lest he be caught and fired.
Noego, the developer, gave LEVEL 22 a colorful and nostalgic pixel art graphical look with a chiptune soundtrack. It's in this 16-bit-era playground that players must guide Gary through the office by using items like donuts and newspapers to distract co-workers, discover secret rooms, and even fight his bosses.
For a more animated look, check out the trailer below:
LEVEL 22 is available for $3.99 and currently even appears on Steam Greenlight in order to possibly make a desktop appearance sometime in the future.
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