Doctor Kvorak, from Indie Developer Freekstorm, To Be Unveiled at Eurogamer Expo 2013
Doctor Kvorak, from Indie Developer Freekstorm, To Be Unveiled at Eurogamer Expo 2013
An atmospheric single-player 3D adventure puzzler for PC, Mac, Linux and console
Posted: 09/19/13 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation vita, Playstation 4, Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh, Xbox, Other
Doctor Kvorak is a game designed for players of all ages. Here's how it goes...
The dastardly Doctor Kvorak captures a planet that's home to Greeboo and his two friends, trapping them all in his mysterious spaceship.

Greeboo and company must then work together to escape from the evil doctor and save their world from total destruction. Players control all three characters, each with its own special ability.

“We are all incredibly excited to finally get a build of Doctor Kvorak  out in people’s hands,” says Richard Bang, Game Designer at Freekstorm. “We are a family of indie developers and we first dreamed up the dastardly Doc three years ago for our short animated film Doctor Kvorak - Destroyer of Worlds, which we created for an international film festival. The project proved so successful that we all voted to continue the story in the form of a game. Three years later and here we are. Eurogamer Expo will be the ideal opportunity for us to show the world what one family can achieve if they decide to work together and make a game.”

A full demo (which also forms part of the Doctor's story) will be released shortly. The final release of Doctor Kvorak the Game will follow a few months later on PC and Mac, then Linux and the Vita, PS4 and Xbox. If Unity supports the platform, Doctor Kvorak will be all over it. 
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