Moebius: Empire Rising Now Available For PC/MAC
Moebius: Empire Rising Now Available For PC/MAC
Malachi and David "bromance" video also released
Posted: 04/15/14 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh

Creative Director Jane Jensen, Owen Thomas and Colin Benoit (the voices of aloof genius Malahci Rector and his buff, bad-joke-cracking bodyguard David Walker), talk about the characters in Moebius and the start of a new epic bromance.

In the first of a the long-awaited series of paranormal adventures from Jane Jensen, players will become antiques dealer and brilliant historian Malachi Rector and travel to exotic locales with his bodyguard, former special forces operative David Walker, to unravel a mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a young woman.

Mobeius: Empire Rising was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Now released for PC and Mac, the game will be released for Linux, iPad and Android tablets later this year.

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