Lethe: An Episodic Physics-Based Horror-Adventure in a Steampunk World
Lethe: An Episodic Physics-Based Horror-Adventure in a Steampunk World
From indie developer KouKou Studios, a first-person thriller for PC in which you must survive using physics-based gameplay
Posted: 03/25/14 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac

Lethe Episode One Teasers and Screens - March 25, 2014

You are an ordinary journalist investigating an isolated island where some sort of disaster has occurred.

You discover an unknown substance that renders you psychokinetic. But there is a price.

This ability saps your life-energy. Ironically, you must ingest more of the substance in order to survive, even though it's poisoning you.

But you have another problem: you find that you're not alone on the island. Whoever or whatever is there is likely not friendly. Some days, you just can't win...

Lethe will be episodic, but each episode will stand on its own. A release date for Episode One is TBD.

~Creative physics-based supernatural gameplay
~Dynamic interaction mechanics. Move, smash, explode or even set things on fire and alter gravity in real time
~Run, hide, use your powers and the environment in order to survive
~Explore experience and be immersed while you unveil the secrets of a unique '20s style steam-punk world

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