Deponia to Dock at Port PS3 on PSN

Deponia to Dock at Port PS3 on PSN

Daedelic Entertainment is expanding platforms for its biggest adventure game franchise


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Daedalic Entertainment has announced that Deponia, its anti-hero Rufus and the other quirky characters from the studio's award-winning point-and-click adventure trilogy are headed to PlayStation Network on PS3.

The indie developer is reworking the game's controls and interface to fit the PlayStation system. But according to Tom Kersten, producer of the Deponia series at Daedalic Entertainment, "...the whole point & click gameplay and feeling remain the same. But we could benefit from the advantages of a controller-based system, for instance by additionally allowing direct Rufus control."

Look for the garbage planet Deponia to expand its orbit to include PlayStation space in Summer 2014.

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