Daedalic Entertainment announces Munin
Daedalic Entertainment announces Munin
The game, from Portuguese developer Gojira, combines Nordic Mythology with 2D puzzle/platforming
Posted: 02/28/14 | Category: News | Platform:

Messenger to Odin, the faithful raven Munin has been stripped of her wings and turned into a mortal female. To regain her status, she must journey through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil and return to Asgard. 

Munin enhances the traditional side-scrolling experience with twisting environments and physics-manipulated objects. It features 77 levels.

The game appears to also be known as Fallen from Asgard: Munin. Whatever the case, it will be launched in Spring 2014 for PC and Mac. The four screenshots shown at right have been released.

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